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27.06.2004 (Update)

Down under...

Today we ONLY listen to records of AC/DC, Midnight Oil and INXS, drink only Forster's, watch videos of Kylie and then in the evening again Peter Weir's "Picnic at Hanging Rock"...

The reason: Our 4th World's Top Award has been sent to us across the whole globe from Australia.

We're totally happy !!!

In the evening a big traffic has started on the page:
Surprisingly and unexpected our page has been awarded with the "Linkperle". A big honour which is much appreciated and which we heartily thank for !! :-)


23.06.2004 (Update)
From our neighbourhood country which sometimes also produces such strange things like "sea food from nougat chocolade" and "waterzoj" we yesterday have received the famous "Tim's Spider Award" in silver! Thanks, Tim, and heartily greetings to Belgium!

Good (?!?) news also from the States: Naomi will get even TWO new legs! Poor child - THAT MUST be harmful!?! We "feel with her" and we hope for a "good healing".

08.06.2004 (Update)
Highlights and a MUST each year are those very rare remaining periodical exhibitions, where real highclassed artist dolls are still to be watched and honored delightfully - and where by-the-way collectors could have wonderful small talks with the "makers of such dolls".
Some impressions of this-year's DollArt in Darmstadt are to be found in the very new chapter "Events" (at "Infos and Tips").

Some kinds of things DO make life more exciting: Roelie Broeksma's "Amber" has joined the family - and for this day's celebration she and her sister Cherine have been photographed in a special-day's outfit (at "Artist Dolls").

29.05.2004 (Update)
As internationally claimed the disclaimer and copyrightnotes were expanded today with notes about our privacy policy and the certification of the site as "family-friendly".

27./28.05.2004 (Updates)
Beside mentioning that even on Malta you can meet nice Awardmasters (!!!) and have wonderful smalltalks with them we really should plan a holiday on that island more often esp. if the return is sweetened in this special way: We proudly are able now to present four new awards that we received in the meantime (see awards page 7) and which we appreciate very much!

Ivana gifted us with her Weltenbummlerin-Award and Sarah with the Jaded Heart Award. Peter gave us a big joy with his spontaneous given "Best of the web"-Meisterwappenaward. What we really couldn't expect is our third World's Top Award - and with the highest possible rating:
Within the last 4 years the "Dandie Golden Star" has been given four times - and speechlessly we now could receive one of them. This is the best way to survive the "afterglow" of British Art Of Cooking and the last days storms on Malta...

Malta - San Anton Gardens
Oh no, it REALLY wasn't that bad...San Anton Gardens, Attard, Malta

Déjà Vue: Just "ready" with this update - the above said is now surprisingly supported...
no no no - this is not a kind of a "Running Gag" - we're really happy that Sylvie and Uwe also have decided to give their UWEKO Award to this page!
From the U.S.A. we receive the NWESS Award and last not least Isabella surprises us with her "Diagonal Classic Award". Thank you all very much!

And to avoid somebody could think that we're now going megalomanic ;-) we are planning to publish the list of all our unsuccessful applies to award programs sometimes - also for giving a satisfying answer to "Spipsnap's" (???) related question in our guestbook. By the way, Snipsnap: Our page is fully functional with Opera (since many months). Tested - ok !

We are sad that DorisG with the 24th of May has closed her World's Top Award program "Visions High End" - not only because we are proud winners of this award...

15.05.2004 (Update)
The greatest laud you can get for your work - no matter which kind of work - is that one, when somebody never before has paid any interest in the thematics that you're in for - and while visiting your work he surprisingly learns to feel fascinated and inspired. Such sort of praise we received yesterday in Manuela's laudatio with her Nefer-Tameri Award given to our site. Manuela - like Doreen and many others before - has made us very happy, because that sort of laud is whitness that in our work on this homepage we follow the right way with content and design.

Just "ready" with this update - the above said is now surprisingly supported on a very high level:
We very proudly are now able to present our 2nd World's Top Award, the "Xmas 2 Stars" that we just have received! As mentioned on the 25th of February in this history we got our first refuse applying for this award - we are very happy that we were able within such a short time to work on the friendly tips to optimize our web presentation - to (also therefor) come to our today's success. And you can be sure: We won't stop to work on it to get better and better!

12.05.2004 (Update)
Leaving behind any Indices or ratings there are awards - if you get THESE, you really might jump for joy - and here's the reason: The Awardmistress of our "newest" before any decision uses to have the habit (some call this "fancy" - we call it "precision work"!) to turn around each and every byte three times and examine it perfectly. And as you now can see it has been worked out fine - and that even after "harddisk worm disease" and "Format C:"! Many many thanks - and a happy "Save early - save often!"

07.05.2004 (Update)
Beside a newly won silver award from the U.S. (WHAT a statistic! Thanx!) that we now can proudly present, we had to make some changes about "Jumperli's travel notes" (Link - sorry, in German language only)... We are sad (and can't avoid this comment) to learn that "the scene" again has become poorer.

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