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20./21.11.2004 (Update)
At this cold and gray catsndogsraining November weather everybody needs something to warm up - and maybe twice as much - double fun might last longer.

Thank God those Lynx Award people in the U.S.A. feel the same - so we've not only got the Gold - Award, but the doll page has been also honoured as Site of the Month !

Well done, folks!
Therefor we heartily thank you twice as much -
Therefor we heartily thank you twice as much -
because this might also last longer !

This update had been already online when the next surprise knocked us off our socks and made us speechless: From Malta we got an eMail that "Petras Doll Collection" has won the "SOTY - Award" (Site of the year) by SpeedyAdverts. Now nothing outside can bring us down - TODAY is party-time! Thank you to all of you and greetings to our friends wherever you just are !!!

07.11.2004 (Update)
We're really quicker than the Police would allow:
The "10th Eschwege Dolls + Bears Festival" is still running today - and now everybody is able to watch our impressions already on the page
(in this chapter under "Events")...
Have fun!
And here's a little preview:

Maria di Rossi

28.10.2004 (Update)
Malheureusement nous ne parlons pas le Francais tres bien... mais avec plaisir nous enchante "Merci beaucoup!" à nos evaluateurs de Lions Club Marseille pour notre award nouveau! Au revoir!

Well, once again: Sorry we can't speak French, but for a heartily "Thank you" to Marseille for our newest award it might be enough!

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19.10.2004 (Update)
As a Middle-European greenhorn, thinking about the far away "baren wastelands" of Colorado, U.S.A., and, depending on such a name, you might expect lots of stuff (f. e. those dangerous snakes with their built-in rattling carachas... or scorpions... or even more adventurous inhabitants...). But never you'll get the idea there might are arabian horses. When Petra on her mysterious ways through the internet discovered the related site at the end of February she naturally was very excited (like each and every girl). There was also an award program... and finally yesterday an award has found it's way from there to our site. ;-)

Thanks to George - and on your next way to the stables please don't forget to give an apple to each horse - with greetings from "good ol'Germany"! They LOVE that!

13.10.2004 (Update)
Today thankful greetings go to countries in the south: To Portugal and (again) to Malta.

It's with great pleasure to notify that we've received our 6th World's Top Award: The team of CPSnet has gifted us with the "High In The Sky Award"! Super - really a great honour! And this after 1/2 year since applying...THIS surprise has been succesful.

Under the title "Preferences - Best by the best" well respected international awardmasters publish their personal favourite websites on the server of A. Paronetto. Among others "SpeedyAdverts" J. Calleja has therefor selected the dolls site. THIS surprise has also been succesful! Take a look HERE!
We're very heartily wishing for you and your family to have a wonderful time in Australia - and please beware of the crocodiles!

12.10.2004 (Update)
"...Since my daughter (4) has been watching your pages (it's clear that she's mad about finding out what Mama's doing here)..I hardly come to work with my PC ;-) and I really don't know how to organize all the dolls that she has discovered in your site *laughter. (her special favourite is Janina by E. Lindner)..."

These lines from Ines' eMail about our newest award won are in some way symptomatic in these days... if it goes on like this it could happen that our "Family-Friendly-Banner" will be taken away! It seems the kids of our visitors drive their parents in ruinous financial situations after they have detected all those beautiful dolls...

Well, unfortunately we can't do anything against that.

We are very happy about the new award; its looks wonderful and so do the graphical pages of the related awardmistress - it's a must to go there for a visit!!!

05.10.2004 (Update)
Helmut D's ("Jumperlis") nice travel notes have deserved to get their own page:
Look HERE (Sorry, in German Language only) !

08.09.2004 (Update)
Do YOU know the song "Puppets and dolls" by the German Rockband "Lucy Leave"? No? Good grief! Now hurry up! Because this website has received this song as an award! THANK YOU!

What it is all about can be found HERE !
...and for those which might have fun in learning more about this band and their website: The link is on the winners page of the "Frozen Angel Award" - program !

01.09.2004 (Update)
"It's been a long time..."
This beautiful titel track of the last chapters of the Enterprise series could be the background music to the actual chapter of our "still in work"- award applications...Ablachen
Today we're very proud and glad to be able to present our 5th "World's Top Award" in the "Hall of Fame": After the second try we now could receive Dunja's awarded graphic of the Dreamworker Award.
Without your critism in the past (well respected) this page wouldn't be in the state where it is now. Thank you so much!

On the other side again some important award programs have closed their gates...therefor our links are updated.

28.08.2004 (Update)
After several requests in the past for banners, it´s a pleasure to fulfill these wishes and offer banners in several sizes now.
(see "Links")

15.08.2004 (Update)
Through the friendly support by the artists-family Broeksma-Müller we today finally can publish a longtime wish: The "Making of..." an artist doll (see "Infos and Tips")

molded head

Many thanks!

Within the summer holidays some award programs have closed or changed; the links are updated.

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02.08.2004 (Update)
How was that statement in the last update?
"But this doesn't mean that one or another still missing positive decision towards this page couldn't be done ;-)..." - so today we're happy about a brand new add-on in our "hall of fame":

Donna O'Smollain-MacDhadhoc (WHAT a name !!! It's Irish, isn't it?) has surprised us with a golden "Rose Award". Thank you so much - and greetings to the U.S.A.!

25.07.2004 (Update)
News related to the award program will be published only there directly (see link below) in the future.

Applying for awards of this doll page has been stopped now to avoid conflicts resulting from the own award program (the so-called "award circle").

But this doesn't mean that one or another still missing positive decision towards this page couldn't be done ;-) - so today we're happy about even two of such surprises:

From Canada we have received the Intention Award in silver. Thank you, June!

The second award needs some more description:
When we once started to look around in the award scene we naturally sometimes found those graphical treasures of El Fabi's portal. Respectfully we "newbies" silently began to a way like: to get any award from HIM must be the fulfilling of a hard-working life of a designer. We have heard about people who needed more than 3 years to get one.....if even possible.....and then those notorious comments in the status.....good grief...
but today:
Strikin' up the band!

16.07.2004 (Update)
Good news at the dolls:
She has come "home in a way", but quite different:
Roelie Broeksma-Müller's "Paddy"!!!
The "new" at "artist dolls", the "old" still in the "archive".

Good news also at the awardprogram:
The "Frozen Angel" program has received the Page Tipp! Stunning! Since a few days the English version is also online.

11.07.2004 (Update)
After spending much time in the award scene, learning thereby much more about homepages as during my "internet time" before, my own awardprogram is now online :-)
It will be a pleasure to invite all interested parties to apply for my "Frozen Angel" award:

Frozen Angel Award

Startpage of the awardprogram

02.07.2004 (Update)
These days award programs are quite similar strange like the European Football Championship: Nobody can be really safe against surprises.
We can present two new awards: Bronze from Portugal - and Gold from Germany. Don't blame us - but couldn't have our Kickers THAT result ? By the way: Is there any award program in Greece ?!?

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