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Halloween 2007
Against all hearsays:
yes, we're still alive!
After the sorrows about the (unfortunately even more) losses in our families have been worked out as far as possible, we now look ahead again.
A lot of work had to be done and now we and the dolls have moved into a beautiful house with a big garden in the Countryside. New interests have grown, new hobbies. Beside those now and then this Homepage also needs a little brush-up - f. e. if the guestbook - provider decides to cancel his service (like now). Perhaps there also may come new dolls photos, if the next summer is not as rainy as this year's. We'll see.
In the near future we'll also make another check of all our links...
But this is for sure:
This Homepage will last for a long time, because we're proud about it!

1.2.2006 (Update)
Horrible events within our families this time don't make it always possible to keep such an eye on our web presentations as usual.

So it's like a warm rain in a desert that a surprising gift has reached us from a far-away country (Israel):

The artist Liza Kliko has gifted us with her very first Platinum Award. We thank with a very heartily "Shalom"

17.12.2005 (Update)
The award scene changes permanently (not always to the positive) - again we have brought all links to the actual state.

With all those now closed award sites it nearly seems to be a wonder if "a new" award finds its way to the dolls page. Therefor a "Thank you" to Bix in Austria for the Rainbow Award - the deer suits very well to the season :-)

It is with great pleasure to inform that now the dolls page together with the Frozen Angel awards page has been granted with the membership at the "Schatzwächter" (translated: Treasure guards), which is a group of webmasters/-mistresses with the purpose to protect politeness, fairness and the copyrights in the WWW (see "Impressum" / Imprint).

12.11.2005 (Update)
This year in Eschwege an integrated special exhibition of the Union of European Dolls Artists (VeP) has been shown which we couldn't report of because within this exhibition taking photos and filming was forbidden.

Helmut Nagel and the VeP now have been so friendly to send us 18 photos to complete our documentation (look at "Events").
Thank you very much!
Please take notice: The selection of these photos has been made by the VeP; their ©copyrights belong to Hekmut Nagel, the VeP and the participating artists!

07.11.2005 (Update)
Same procedure as every year: The "Dolls- and Bearsfestival of the "dollAmi" in Eschwege. As usual we've been there - and as usual we show actual impressions (within the borders of this year's possibilities) under "events".

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28.10.2005 (Update)
For "actual reasons" we have completely removed the Awards-sub-section "Approvals" and everything related.

15.10.2005 (Update)
The dolls collectors have got a small, but beautiful new target site in the Internet starting today: Monika Levenigs brand-new homepage is online (also in English !) and a visit (look at "Links") is "a must" - and NOT ONLY because I've allowed Monika to borrow my graphics artist Tom (But he's just borrowed, ok !?! :-) )!


Note - September 15, 2010
After a lot of thinking Tom has removed the links because due to an unprofessional third-party "work" that page unfortunately does no longer suit to his quality standards at the time of his creation of the page. Sorry, Monika...

10.10.2005 (Update)
A private investigation has made an excellent exhibition possible which has taken place at the weekend in the "Domicil" - house in Bielefeld-Brackwede and which we enthusiastically were able to visit: 11 international famous doll artists have shown their works in the lovely and harmonic "ambiente" of exquisite furniture and accessories. The relationship of colours and forms between beautiful artist dolls and the tasty environments has created an uncomparible atmosphere.

Sabine Vogel

The organizers of this "experiment" deserve highest laud - to continue this concept is "a must"!
Naturally we're not able to show all of the wonderful photographs that have been made at this event, but at least 4 of each participating artist. Take a look at "Infos and tips", "Events"!

01.08.2005 (Update)
A nice surprise has been made by Kurt Becker aka Kutte:
The dollpage as well as the award program became part of his "Web- und Awardmasterportal" :)
The badge is shown in the "Membership" section of the award program.

26/27.07.2005 (Update)
This update is (again) one with double sense: 15 months ago we have been happy to receive the "Unsers Award", Bronze at that time... And now we are able to proudly update it to "Gold" (which means to be the eights "World's Top Award" of this website!). Isn't this a good reason to party !?!

And also there are some redesigns for the friends of the "Firefox Browser" under "Linux"

03.07.2005 (Update)
At the "Wallpaper" - Section there are now two new beauties ready for downloading: Maja Bill's "Uneja" and Roelie Broeksma-Mueller's "Mignon" are waiting to decorate your desktop. Even with a high picture quality the download sizes could be kept very low!
Ready for a preview? You're welcome:

Roelie Broeksma-Mueller - Mignon

26.06.2005 (Update)
There are award masters who give away "their best" very seldom :-) ! So it is an honour to be able to join their winners section - and if the award is accompanied with such a poetic laudatio like "Schuschels Welt (World) Award" from our neighbour country Austria this results in a very special happiness!

17.06.2005 (Update)
To be listed at the German index "Der Archivar" requires a high standard of quality provided by the aquiring site.
This site is now listed at this index in the section "Private Homepage / K for Künstlerpuppen" - which makes us very happy.
You can find the link here (click on the orange Archivar - Logo!).

09.06.2005 (Update)
About 15 months ago we were very happy with our second "real" Award: The BTDesign "Approved Site" by Barbara Tampieri from Italy. Since then a lot has happened on the website - and now we learn that we are able to fulfill our thoughts of that time: "Super - but in the future we might work that out even better !"

By now having received an upgrade of the BTDesign Award to the level "Best Site" we can proudly present - our seventh World's Top Award !

Heartily thanks, Barbara - we know that evaluating this dollsite means hard work :-))

And that might even increase in the future...we already got the material which has been promised to us at the DollArt, but what it is will not be brought to the daylight until it's finished!

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06.06.2005 (Update)
And once again we're quicker than the Police allows:

Heloise - Tatjana

On a very high level (see above!) at the weekend this-years "DollArt" has taken place in the Orangerie in Darmstadt, Germany. The 63 (!!!) photographs that you may be pleased with in the chapter "Infos + Tips" - "Events" can be just very personal impressions of the lots of beautiful dolls shown in this exhibition.

But we must say that we wish that much more visitors would have come to this high-classed event - the artists and the management would have deserved it.

It would be very sad if some of the exhibitors would come to the conclusion that it's no longer worth to participate in such events. What do YOU think?

10.05.2005 (Update)
At that time when we still used to go to school and one day we came home with the result of a contest which we could present to our parents THIS way: "Look, Mami, 150 of 150 possible points !!!"
- what happened then? We got more pocket money! Yes indeed!
So now - where is it !?! Ablachen

Times they are a-changin' - the honour rests:
We're proud and happy about Nev's Wendepunkt - Award with the above mentioned result. But the Laudatio itself is even more overwhelming...

02.05.2005 (Update)
There are sometimes surprises which make speechless in the positive meaning... One of them is getting mail from Jumperli ;)
Even if the mail is mainly directed to my award program, I publish the award and the words belonging to in the award section (sorry, only in German language...) of my dollpage, because an award program normally does not receive awards ;)
Helmut, thank you so much for this wonderful surprise!

30.04.2005 (Update)
A wonderful Laudatio accompanies the "Noctivagus - Award (Gold Design)", which this website has proudly received yesterday. Be warned, dear Awardmistress, to bring your idea about "self - collecting artist dolls" into reality: That is like cigarette-smoking - you'll be addicted very quickly and it will cost a lot of money! But on the other hand it is MUCH better for the health!!! :-}

24.04.2005 (Update)
Everybody knows that it's not possible to influence MEN to pay any interest in dolls (those made of porcelain or vinyl ;-)). One more time this website whitnesses the opposite: Thanx, Ralph, for your K - Award in Gold!

09.04.2005 (Update)
We're very happy to be able to present a new award won, the "Paulchen" award.
It is nice so often to receive the confirmation that through surfing on this website people remember "a little bit" what had been giving happiness to them in their childhood.

26.02.2005 (Update)
13 is not a real nice number, isn't it?
From time to time we check our links including those to award pages. We now had to realize that since our last check 13 (!!!) award masters + mistresses have given up. With a little tear we have updated the related notes.

13.02.2005 (Update)
In this time a calm phase has come to my collection. But because I think the collection is perfect like it is now there are no reasons for changes ;)

It´s a pleasure to announce wonderful news in the award section: We are very glad that the "Moments of Silence" award was given to us and we proudly present it in the award section.

20.12.2004 (Update)
At the right time just before Xmas those nice people from the Lynx-Awards (U.S.A.) have "struck again":

As a wonderful ending of a very successful year for this homepage we have received from them the Award "Gold - Site of the Year"!

We are sending you a heartily "thank you" - and we are wishing you - and surely all our visitors - to be as happy as we are - and quiet and peaceful Xmas-days !!!

12.12.2004 (Update)
Bad news first:
Finally Naomi will not find a new home with me because it was not possible to heal her damaged leg.
And now the SUPER GOOD news:

Vera Scholz - Janina

This DREAMDOLL ("Janina" by Vera Scholz) has joined the family and the collection. A good reason to party, isn't it?
Take a closer look at "artist dolls"!

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