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December 15, 2010

News for the theme "In the pipeline":
The little Scholz - Anne is on her way to the "big Anne" and her other little Scholz - Annes in the USA.
(Don't mind - I'm still looking through that stuff!)
And as the answer some really fine has already come back to Germany: The ballet-dancer Everose.
You can admire her in the new artist dolls chapter "Hanna Goetz"!
And if it won't be successful with the "rest in the pipeline" in time, right now to all:
Happy Christmas !!!

November 28, 2010

Angel really looks a little bit frustrated because surprisingly she now has got the duty to protect the freshly arrived wonderful "Bride" by Jamie Williamson...

(Angel and) Bride

It's not difficult to realize that the rebuilding of the collection is strongly going on (and there's still a lot of hot stuff in the pipeline!!!). This time sacrificed were the little Menke - girls (who are now together with a lot of their sisters!), Lindner's Lisenka (who's got mad about this continuous "hairs shot - hair long"...), Murray's Lilly (she has made quite a good deal: endless holidays in a Hotel in Austria!) and Zawieruszynski's Marika just stayed here for a short visit (but she has made even a better deal: "Upstairs" into Tom's collection! HA!). How shall this all end?

November 7, 2010

"Big things cast their shadows ahead..." has been proposed in the last Update... and now here's the "warm welcome" for both "Newbies" in the collection:


These are the hands of Tom and "Red Riding Hood", and what's it all about you'll find at the Artist Dolls in the new chapter "Jamie Williamson". If you want to (We're quite sure you want!).

October 13, 2010 (Actual Update)

"Big things cast their shadows ahead..." (Those "Big things" will not be declared - not yet!) - Or, to put it in other words:
Here it works out like in a Casting - Show: Even "the really good" will be thrown out from time to time!
This time this happens to the little Kißlings - but they also are now together with their brothers and sisters!

September 30, 2010

Paddy (2) looks offended, says her new owner. Even if we have sent her to a very beautiful country - and to a lot of her sisters. Well, this may need some time...
Also very beautiful is the incoming "Newbie":

Marika Full view   Marika Portrait

This is "Marika" by Zofia and Henry Zawieruszynski - and in their new chapter at the "Artist Dolls" you'll find big pictures.

September 13 + 15, 2010 (Actual Updates)

No, nobody did come to us claiming the "passport photographies" of the dolls would no longer suit to their real looks.
On the other hand we indeed came to the opinion it could be a good idea to brush them up a little bit.
Just thought - and already done! All the results are already "online".
Just take a look!

September 6, 2010

Sometimes you get speechless:


This is Hildegard Günzel's "Gerda" from the fairytale "The Snow Queen".
Is there anybody out there who can stand THIS face?
Nobody? Indeed. No matter how - Gerda HAD to join the collection!

In the meantime some other dolls have removed (and went here into the archive): Maja Bills "Jucunda" wanted to join her friend "Cleo" and Roelie Broeksmas "Amber" was longing for "Cherine". That's o. k.!
After a relatively short time Kumiko Scholz couldn't stand the good smell of our "country air" any longer and wanted to depart into a big City. No problem.
But Janina Lindner instead didn't go too far - just upstairs within the house...

Friday, the 13th. of August, 2010 (Oh Oh!)
After a long time something new's going on here! The following should have happened perhaps much earlier:
"Magic", a big wonderful doll of the world-famous German artist Hildegard Günzel, is now added to the collection:


But this is not all!
Trading is sometimes a good possibility to "fresh up" a collection, even if it also means to say "Goodbye" to some formerly beloved.
"Incoming" from the "High North" are: Maja Bill's One-of-a-kind "Jenny", Roelie Broeksma's "Ketut" and "Kumiko" by Vera Scholz. Pictures are as usual in the related Artist Dolls chapters now.
On the other hand 3 dolls have moved northbound (and here into the Archive): Maja Bill's "Cleo" + "Norbu" and Roelie Broeksma's "Cherine". Don't mind - we know they will be also in very "Good Company" there.

And for actual reasons we've now installed a NEW guestbook !!!

Summer 2009
"But this is for sure:
This homepage will last for a long time, because we're proud about it!"
Some Stupid in the Internet has shown quite a different opinion; our page has been totally destroyed by a Hacker attack and overwritten with pure nonsense links.
Hey - young Hero - could you - just for some change - do something that really makes sense? For instance: Self-creating such a beautiful homepage like - let's say - THIS? To much monkey business? That's what we expected.
Ah - by the way: We ALWAYS have a Backup. Like now. Have a nice day.

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