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June 29, 2011

A heartily welcome to the new Scattolini-doll in the collection:

Laura Scattolini - Alien

Wait a minute. Thank God Laura Scattolini belongs to those "chosen few" who are able to squeeze a little here and press a little there - and with huge magic - after a while that stuff has been morphed into something that looks quite different:

Laura Scattolini - Giselle 2

How "Loreena" (and that's her final name) looks finished: Look at "Artist dolls".

Such a lot of beauty is to be paid with "sacrifices" - therefore "Everose" could stay just for a short visit (>>> Archive).

June 10, 2011

No, she didn't have any language-problem here, the little Fleurie... but she has not been so very happy living in the contryside (Hay fever?) - and therefore she now has emigrated to a big city. The beautyful Pauline (also by Hildegard Günzel) has moved to here instead - she likes it - everybody knows there are a lot of (rocking-) horses in the countryside.
And because Petra had been already engaged with it also new photographies have been taken of Gerda and Everose (They LOVE the garden!).

May 26, 2011

"Ich hab' die Haare schön..." (I've got the hair beautifully...???") is a quite stupid, but (by its performance within the german Popstars-Casting-Show) very popular carnival song. Here it "suits" - because it's May some of the dolls have been equipped with more beautiful hair (and outfits), f. i. at Jamie Williamson and Maja Bill. Happy browsing!

April 20, 2011

We have been very heartily awaiting two "newcomers" by Hildegard Günzel for the collection - unfortunately unsuccessfully, because one of the beauties immediately had to be brought into the "Emergency Room": It seems that somebody has kicked her head in before or while on transport from England. We won't show the photographs of the horrorible result of that stupid action here. Thank God the molds are still in existence and so is her "mama", and because of a new painting technique the doll hopefully will look even more beautiful than ever before. So we'll gonna have another proof in patience.

The other of the two, "Allure", has been brought to this place by ourselves - and here she is (and at the Artist Dolls):

Hildegard Günzel - Allure

Another head gives us a lot of fun: Laura Scattolini is documenting "The making of Loreena" for us - and that gal yesterday still looked like a very strange sort of Alien... after Laure has spent halv of the night crafting on her everybody can see which (next) masterwork is growing there! Sometimes here?!? Yes - look at June 29!

March 12, 2011

The "world class" of the unicates created by the italian artist Laura Scattolini is not only manifested through her excellent handicraft - her dolls scenes also shine with quiet poetry and pure emotions. Real art - not more and not less.

Laura Scattolini - Lavendelfelder

"Big things cast their shadows ahead..." had been proposed in October 2010... and a quite different doll had been thought about that time.
Who could expect that instead in the meantime dolls by Jamie Williamson, Hanna Goetz, another Günzel, Fantasy Creatures and right now this wonderful Scattolini-scene have arrived to enrich the collection! Have a look at the "Artist Dolls"!

By the way: There are some new desktop - wallpapers to download (in the "Wallpaper" chapter).

February 17, 2011

You can't take photographs of butterflies "outdoor" in January or February - esp. if it is their Queen. Everybody knows that - but we didn't. With these storms she nearly had been blown away.

Vanessa (The Butterfly Queen) - Full view    Vanessa (The Butterfly Queen) - Portrait

Vanessa instead has made herself confortable in the bath room beside the central heating - it's warm and cosy there - and so it has been possible to capture some photos of this Patricia Rose - beauty, now proudly presenting her to the visitors.

January 15, 2011

With not much baggage but with her beloved Teddy the little Fleurie has arrived here after a big journey.

The big journey of Fleurie

Surely she will soon get a close friendship with her Günzel-sister Gerda; as everybody knows children have got no language-problem at all.

January 11, 2011

After a long waiting fairy number 2 has now flown in here and makes herself comfortable on a big hand (These american fairies have a disagreeable habit: They always flutter to the toll customs at first - where they want to be called for by us - for money. This seems to be really unnecessary...).

January 4, 2011

Happy New Year!
On this homepage the year even starts with a completely new section: The "Fantasy Creatures"! You'll find it in the navigation bar below the "Manufactured Dolls"!

Within this big update the start pages of many other sections have also been newly designed.

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