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November 25, 2012

"Haste makes waste!" Here this old well-known wisdom ironically refers on the fact that it had been targeted since a very long time to add some Annette Himstedt - porcelain to this collection. Such a step needs its time... and indeed you don't buy something like a car in a fly-by. But now it's done: Shiangi and Mei Li are new at the artist dolls (now in the archive!).
As this were not enough, in a clandestine way a new Scattolini - Beauty ("On my own") has "prowled" into the collection after her trip to Moscow - and now together with Loreena she displays a wonderful couple of sisters.
A real sugarplum is the last "Incomer" at the artist dolls: The absolutely cute Ina by Eva Danker.
By the way: Until year's end there will just be bread and water on the table.

October 23, 2012

Is there anybody still remembering the wonderful mystical film "Picnic at Hanging Rock" by Peter Weir? The sad girl below could have been one of those Victorian College Students, couldn't it?

Dollstown - Susie

People with "dolls knowledge" immediately discover the artistic hands of Val Zeitler on Susie (now in the archive!), and with a look on Ashanti as well (>>> BJDs page 4!). Also new in the collection is the "Red Head" Vivien (now in the archive!)... in the near future we really should think seriously about a meeting with a good architect.

September 28, 2012

And now here they are - off of the pipeline. Therefor the BJD-Section has been expanded with page 3 and there "Edria" and "Tania" are heartily awaiting their deserved admiration. Space for "Susie" (who has now started her big journey to here) is also already provided...

September 01, 2012

Back from the holidays (Beautiful country, this Norway!!!) the "new treasures" had to be "brushed up" (Ready: BJDs >>> Eliza + Onyx); some others are still "in the pipeline". But unfortunately Janina has been caught by that emigration wave (Her new owner is professional in tailoring!).

August 01, 2012

"I've got nothing to dress up with!" - This sentence is only suitable for "human" females today! That's why: The "Newbie" ZERA by Iplehouse has arrived equipped completely with a professional outfit (and makeup) by the famous stylist Val Zeitler - Judy also sparkles in her new look - and so on and so on.
Logically that some other (not SOOOO newly equipped) Artist dolls might get upset and decide better to emigrate to England (like Pauline). But her new "Mama" over there might take good care about her.
Now listen, chicas - we unfortunately do not have any sort of cash cow over here, ya understand?

July 08, 2012

Even if for a longer time it seems that there is nothing new to report sometimes there are even "big bangs" rumouring in the background - which take some time to be published here!
Curtains up ! Recommended soundtrack: Dave Brubeck's "Take Five"...
HERE are the NEW faces (and "family-members") of the collection:

New Faces

Here we go:
Upper row left: >>> Artist Dolls >>> Hildegard Günzel >>> page 2 >>> Rapunzel !
Upper row right: BJDs (New chapter!) >>> Judy !
Lover row (from left): BJDs (New chapter!) >>> Agnetha, Rana and HeeAh !
And others are already on their way...
We also provide pictures of this year's DollArt in Darmstadt here:
>>> Infos + Tips >>> Events >>> ! - Thanx for looking!

April 04, 2012 (Actual Update)

The most important (and nerves-perforating) duty on collecting artist dolls is waiting. All the time you're waiting for something - and sometimes even with a good result: Amelie-Sophie had to stand the winter with cold feet - and right now, just as it's (slowly) getting warmer - her nice leather booties have trundled in. Happy returns of the day! (New pics are to be watched!)
After the visit at the manufacture of a german V.I.D.A. (Very important dolls artist) we are waiting again - on another new highlight of the collection. Space has been provided already (A Williamson now lives upstairs!). Let's see how long the waiting will last this time...

Dec. 28, 2011

If you believe in that what's written in the "Asterix" - Comix, you know that it's a sin for gallic/french people to use the name "Alesia" (That's the place where a battle against the Romans had been lost!). But perhaps everybody should really proof her/his opinion - if she/he takes a look on the Günzel - beauty wearing that name!?! (>>> Artist Dolls, >>> Günzel, >>>page 2!)
Happy New Year!!!!!

Nov. 14, 2011

Same procedure as every year... the Dolls + Bears Festival in Eschwege - and as you meet nice people there which have got the same hobby, you go there. About the exhibition we participate with the opinion of many persons in different Internet Forums: More and more mass instead of class. But some exhibits have made us pay attention... Pictures? You're welcome: >>> Infos + Tips >>> Events >>> Eschwege 2011.
Here some changes and updates have been made which will make sense when the "newest treasure" for the collection is able to leave that cold parcels van behind - and if it's warm enough here to take and publish suitable photograhies.

Oct. 22, 2011

If you stand above the Crand Canyon for the first time, or in the garden of the Alhambra, or perhaps on a tower of the Chinese Wall - there is one word which describes that what you feel about that what you see: Breathtaking.
Today the best-kept secret of this collection is gonna be lifted - after one year's waiting:
Now she is here - and SHE IS also breathtaking:

Jeanne Gross - Amelie-Sophie

Therefor we even got a new start page. You surely have realized that already. More about that? You're welcome: >>> Artist Dolls >>> Jeanne Gross >>> Amelie-Sophie.

Sept. 18, 2011

The exhibition in Lüneburg has not been taking place without any influence on this collection:
Which one can be seen in a new chapter of the "Fantasy Creatures", called "Elves". So up with the wings and a good flight to there!

9-11 2011

What a horrible date!
Let's take a close look to beauty instead:

Yesterday (and today) an international exhibition of dolls art has been taking place in the "Glockenhaus" (Bells House) in Lüneburg. The exhibition was very impressive and interesting; pictures about it are here: "Infos + Tips", "Events". We have also updated the presentation of a part of my own dolls (in the section with the same name). Happy browsing!

August 20, 2011

Such a stupid rainy summer is good for nothing but "brushing up the collection"!
The chapter "Elisabeth Lindner" here now has come to an end with the removal of Morgana upstairs (Tom comments this with a happy "She is MINE!" - William Compton, Trueblood - ). And Petra is also happy about Hildegard Günzel's Mary Rose (new at the Artist dolls) and also about the cute little Charlotta of a german Artist who has been part of manufactured dolls section many years ago - and now again: Heidi Plusczok. And she really can ride a bicycle (the little Charlotta)!!!

July 30, 2011

She has really "been around", the little "Anna" by Vera Scholz - USA, England...Au pair, or something - now she's back in good ol' Germany - and that means: HERE. Her big sister "Anna Lena" had to move upstairs instead. Some say it "isn't so bad there"... (Indeed! Tom)

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