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01.05.2004 (Update)
Yesterday we couldn't even think about "Dancing into May" - an "accident" of the long awaited Naomi has made it really clear how sensible and in the strongest sense of the word "breakable" the love for collecting "porcelain" dolls is:

Naomi - Desaster


This (!) is really not what this wonderful (!!!) child has deserved - and the staying in the U.S.A. clinic will last a lot of months...

We hope that Steve's wish in his nice laudatio for his Blue Crystal Award (that he has given today to this site) will come to reality:
(Translated) "I am wishing you all the love for the future and fun to continue with collecting so that we may go on applauding to lots of your collected objects."
Thanx, Steve, for the award and your words. You really couldn't know how necessary that sort of support can be after such a desaster...

For all visitors who want to take a look INSIDE my doll house, a virtual presentation of some of my dolls now can be found under the menu point "Infos and Tips".

28.04.2004 (Actual Update)
Beside a won silver-award from Canada (Thank you!) we today have received an award from a school in Great Britain which has classified and honoured our work with school grades - Grade "A"! Super! Unfortunately they didn't attach that special doctor's hat (honoris causa), but if we sometimes will travel over the channel again we will fetch him - that's for sure!

26.04.2004 (Update)
Today Naomi starts her long journey over the big ocean and after her arrival (and a little relaxing) she hopefully will get your applause - which will not be too difficult because she for herself in 1999 has already received her own important award: the world-famous "DOTY" (doll of the year).

Just talking about awards we're happy to be able to present our newest: the "Special Experience ART" (by "Eminent Choice Web Awards") from Sweden - and Arne Koch's "Scientia Award" from Germany. Thank you!

In THIS Info-section we need space for new items, so the "links" have moved and now build a logical group together with "LayDeSign", our so-called "window to the outside".

22.04.2004 (Update)
Worldwide the composition of copper and tin has been used to create lots of wonderful works of art! Today is "Bronze Day" ;o) and so we can add 2 new awards of that metal to the hall of fame.

21.04.2004 (Update)
Proudly presenting not less than 2 new beautiful and hard-to-get awards is surely a good reason for another update - esp. as we also like the awardgiver's sites very much...

20.04.2004 (Update)
Some awards are like good artist dolls: small (limit), but fine! The German "Fantasy Pages Award" which we yesterday had the great honour to receive belongs absolutely to that category.

In the background big work is rumbling around as a completely new chapter is in preparation. But "you ain't see nothing yet, b-b-b-b-baby...."!

18.04.2004 (Update)
More illustrations with own photos for the criteria-page.
Now this chapter is also vivid and better to understand.

Which dolls

We've been laughing a lot viewing the last episode of the TV-Series "Deep Space 9": One of the Aliens described the "5 golden rules of profit" of the Ferengi:
1) Desire; 2) Justification; 3) Profit; 4) Possessment; 5) Resale.
Super! The very best definition of doll collecting that we have ever heared...

17.04.2004 (Update)
So many things at once...
Nothing can bring us down! And therefor instead the 1st illustration to the criteria-page is online - a good reason to use the well-paid 3d-program trueSpace not (only) just for fun! Blame us, if we couldn't do something of our very own comparing to all those Poser-Ladies in the Net - and HERE the copyright is OURS. HA!

We are totally surprised by "Jumperli's" wonderful travel notes about our "Brunswik Doll House" in the Awardboard ! We are speechless. (Please note: This text is in german only - sorry!) As a little thanx all his tips have been immediately worked out and esp. for him (and Doreen) Francine also now has got her real thumbnail pic.

Since thursday evening the countertool Nedstat fights against it's armageddon (Thank God not only on OUR start page...) Thanx, Jumperli, also for this tip - hopefully not too many visitors might have been wondering why the doll house sometimes seemed to have been closed. We are very sorry about these delays - we immediately have "repaired" the tool using another code and now the door has swung open again very widely!!!

It really deserves an award for itsself, the wonderful Adagio - page whose mistress has gifted us with a new silver award. We are very proud (wow - what a winner's statistic) and happy. We can only reply with the advice to follow the award - link and take a look for yourself - it's well worth doin'!

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