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14.04.2004 (Update)
We are wishing the award mistress, who has (also unexpected!) gifted us with her very first award, always to have the same happiness with her programm that we feel about her surprise. And Simone is completely going mad about now knowing herself to be the gem on an award graphic.

The other part of this update drives us mad in another way. Under "Infos and Tips" a new chapter now has been installed listing criteria to decide whether a doll is a bad or a good one. The text is no problem - but the illustrations. Surely we can't just go and buy a "waste-doll", photograph it and sell it again just to avoid conflicts with the copyright law using these OWN photographs for illustration purposes. We've really got enough (foreign) materials to make a huge fire under the seats of some so-called artists. Easily understandable that in this case nobody really would cooperate with us. And before somebody cries things like "business destroyers" we practise sophisticated mouthsealing - as there's nobody really named. Yoe should believe in that what Petra has written - we know what we're talking about. Who, after reading the hints, looks carefully on her / his "object of desire" will find our stated critics for herself / himself.

No more lost graphics! This site has so beautiful pics which no one ever will see if we go on reducing those horizontal scroll bars in that 800 x 600 pixels resolution.
We now have come to the point to stop doin' that kind of changes.

07.04.2004 (Update)
We have been richly gifted with new awards. Especially the unexpected makes us glad - a spontanious award without former apply.

Having such an honour we've made a lot of pressure on our supplier about our new bell - buttons which we had ordered a long time ago. As to say that clearly: the one who's not able to deliver must see that we've been handcrafting for ourselves in the meantime to make the look of our dolls house even more noble.

New Look

05.04.2004 (Update)
What a weekend !
"Norbu" has had her photosession and now she's fishing for compliments...we hope she doesn't blame us for leavin' her a little bit behind after we recieved 2 more terrific awards and got beserk about them...
The awardmaster gave us a tip for the navigation frames. After this has been also an advice given by an awardmistress we now decided to use it. Thanx to the both of you! Where will this all end...

03.04.2004 (Update)
A new beautiful goldaward. Thank you!!!
Working on optimizing for the 800 x 600 - resolution...Oh gosh - I unfortunately know which super - backgroundpicture therefor has to be sacrificed...but it may stay for a little while more.

02.04.2004 (Update)
We're really speechless:
The exquisite webring "LayDeSign" has invited us to join! And since two days we're proud members. Thank you very much ! We will work hard to satisfy the high purposes of this association, to offer the best guest-friendship to those who might come here for a lucky break guided by the webring links - and we (hopefully) will entertain them.


News are in sight, because yesterday Maja Bill's beautiful "Norbu" has finished her long travel over the big ocean and now she's just making herself comfortable with her "sisters" which she has missed for a long time. Now the right styling, Petra's "cold" survived, good weather for the photoshooting and soon she will be a new beauty spot in the artist dolls section.

She really didn't want to send us an April-fools-day-joke, that awardmistress who has attached a site-screenshot at her laudatio mail for our last recieved award - and not the award graphic itsself ;o) No problem - now everything is "in butter" as we use to say here (thanx a lot!), the award is now "where it should be" and makes the i-point to the successful last days.

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