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27./28./29.03.2004 (Updates)
Who was that talking about "ready" ?!?
Small cosmetics: Missing "alt-tags" and pic-sizes completed - and the window on the contact page now has got real handles ;o)
Completely new is an additional chapter at "Infos and Tips": Why dolls ? Take a look!

Also new is the chapter "Slideshows" in the archive. Nobody can say our site isn't watched with "Argus-eyes" (and we're glad about that!). But why didn't anybody tell us, which huge lots of money we could get on applying the archive books as a "patent" ?!? Books, where you can click into - and a slideshow starts. This idea is really an one-and-only worldwide (and far away from reality) ;o) !
This is why we now have an own projection room - and as you can see, this old thing of a projector makes such a heat in the room that the little housekitten has decided to select it as it's beloved place for nicks.

Projection room

We now can also proudly present our latest award: The Korea ART Award.

24./25.03.2004 (Updates)
Important reasons to be happy:
1) The new "dynamic" windows have arrived (no, not from Redmont) and now it's much more comfortable for the "800 x 600 's". The guestbook, the contact page and all award pages are now also plastered - and so version 2.0 of this site is (nearly) completed!
As to say that beside: picking off the roses is strictly forbidden!

The new windows...

2) The site has got a silver Korea - Orchid - Award. COOL!
3) The last entry in the guestbook from "BEARlin" has made us very happy! Thanx for your support - as you may see (nearly) all your tips are now realized.

But we also have to thank another awardmaster and another awardmistress. Without you beeing so friendly to reply on our questions, mentioning what you thought that could be better, this site might have gone into another direction. Your tips were very helpful to develop this site to where it is now.
If all awardmasters would behave constructively like this and if all appliers would react positively on those given tips there would be much more better sites in the net.

23.03.2004 (Update)
Finaly the archive is completely renovated - and I go to bed now.

20./21./22.03.2004 (About 12 Updates !)
Spring cleaning !
Here is what that means: We have plastered most of our walls and now we are happy about our freshly painted dolls house (ok - to tell the truth - we couldn't finish everything...but YOU won't realize it - and sometimes even we need some sleep and something to eat...)

Link - Page

The primary reason for all our investigations is that we have realized how many of our visitors (esp. overseas guests!) are still surfing with a smaller resolution of 800 x 600 pixels. And for these 20 percent of our guests we immediately HAD to do something:
All (183 !!!) big doll pictures are now a little bit smaller, the info text now stands beside and so it's readable for everybody. Hundreds of files were newly programmed: pictures, slidehows and other info- and laudationes windows now "jump" into the center of the screen. We still work on the purpose to replace fixed tables with "dynamic" ones within all select pages. They then will scroll automatically into the viewable area in smaller resolutions. Burst with laughter, oh you allmighty awardwebmasters - we pay for all our beginners mistakes. Therefor we had to sacrifice some of our beloved background pictures but as we believe our new ones are also stunning. One more for the awardscene: One or another vertical (!!!) scrollbar is not avoidable using dynamic tables - otherwise f.e. a big part of the archive door, which is no longer a background picture would be cut off. We believe you can live with that. Primary all these major adjustments are done for the above mentioned visitors.

After this sacrificed weekend we are very, very happy about two new important awards we have been given. Thanx a lot, folks - you've been saving our lifes...

19.03.2004 (Update)
You might really say, the prophet doesn't count in his own country...
On request about a (German) refuse we get an anwer: (Text) "...the theme for itsself, a dolls exhibition, is quite nice and a good idea also. But there is the wish of more - everywhere. The content in the whole isn't enough yet." (End text)
????? - www - weeping weird webmaster (Tom)

A fat minus-point is because the pages are only viewable satisfyingly in the full view mode (Function key F11) - and that mode is not necessary...
Note: But WE ADVISE to strike F11. If somebody is surfing - let's say - with an unregistered Opera - browser - all toolbars open, fat adverts banner, statusbar, taskbar in the foreground, Windows-Standard with a fat titlebar - of our beautiful 1024 x 768 pixels just about 60 percent would remain. Then avoiding unwanted scrollbars we therefor f.e. have to cut off 40 percent of our nice background pictures - and the artistic view of our site is completely destroyed ...Is that really such a hard work, to stroke that stupid key F11 once to enter and again to leave the full view mode ?!? I really don't know why those soft- and hardware people have put this key on the board if it's unnecessary. - www - weeping weird webmaster (Tom)

But it's getting even more strange: The (so believed) "foreign" webmaster counts another minus-point.
Foreign? Me? And this (!) after twelve years...WEEP!
When will I ever get my money? Where is my suitcase? Where are my Grateful Dead - records? Where is that damned airplane ticket to the Maledives?.....
But before I quit the job here I quickly have to put that newly gained 4.5-rated award from the U.S. on this homepage... - www - weeping weird webmaster (Tom)

18.03.2004 (Update)
2 new (Bronze -) awards...but take a look at the statistics of these award programs! Quite good, don't you think so?
We say thanx - now providing wonderful desktop wallpapers for YOUR pleasure (in the info - section):


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