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15.03.2004 (Update)
We don´t give up if the target is to optimize our page... Again a webmistress has given us worthy tips (when are we allowed to apply again ?!?) to change colours, the logo and other small corrections. Everything now suits even much better together:

New startpage

Awards page 1

BTW, with happyness we received two new important awards.

12.03.2004 (Update)
The world can be so beautiful...2 Topawards on one day - though we couldn't expect a thing like getting the "Webmaster's Pick" S.A. Top Site Award. Yeeks ! If there wasn't that we remember a murderous sunburn on Gozo years ago we could really think about a week holiday break in Malta right now...

10.03.2004 (Update)
The result of THIS update is what you just watch at ! Parting tips, links and this new section "History" makes overviewing easier and it shows, how this page has grown within just one year.
What do YOU think about that ?

Info section intro


Seeing that nice start graphic I sigh that there's also a "brush-up" for the guestbook-section to do:

New Guestbook Intro

09.03.2004 (Update)
Yesterday evening we've been friedly informed that an award evaluation team on one hand is fond about our page, on the other hand has problems to give us their award if we don't throw some other (so called fake -) awards off of our site.
That might perhaps be easily understandable with an example:
To avoid decreasing the worth of artist dolls throw away all manufactured.
Or did we take something wrong here? ;-) !!!!
Luckily enough there are eMails. So we all could find a suitable way out of this "conflict". Our solution might not be for the sake of some evaluators, but for ourselves: See award-section.
As to say that clearly: This is a homepage about dolls - not about awards....

08.03.2004 (Update)
Hurray - we are one year and four days online (strikin' up the band!!!).
Hurray again - new artist dolls: Lilly and Cherine join the family.

Another refused award. But here also a friendly webmistress with tips (you can bite your teeth of with them). Some pages at 1024 x 768 resolution produce unwanted horizontal scrollbars - and these are rubbish. Strange - none on my monitor... but on another I then detect them. Question after question. Why the hell does that Internet Explorer start that behaviour 20 pixel more to the left than Netscape - and that stupid gal 10 pixel more than Opera? And what is this "Safari" on the Mac (We work on PC's)? Night work. After hours everything looks fine... and the thumbnails have a size declaration in the source code like this has been reclaimed. Well, that woman was right: now the pics don't beam around the page on loading.
If I gonna tell that lady very friendly, that I as the webdesigner of this site have NO internet connection (this is the truth!) and loading pics from hard disc is really so quick that I never have had the chance to see that mess with my own eyes - does that lady then believe that I'm gone completely nuts and therefor our homepage will be disqualified for rest of our lives?
Oh no: Such a sort of tips is gold, because it's our strong ambition to present one of the best dolls pages in the worldwide net. We're working on that. There's just one thing we really can guarantee: This site will never be finished - in the background.

01.03.2004 (Update)
Now already 5 awards. One of them is very important: The highly rated Italian BTDesign Award. The section grows and gets its own start page:

The award intro

25.02.2004 (Update)
The 2nd award. But we also have to swallow the first refusal. We softly ask why... The webmaster is friendly and his tips are welcomed. Changes: All textfiles newly formatted and with better colors; animated flags up and away. Very important: The right click blocker (that we had installed for these "nice" people who steal Petra`s photographs not just to be happy to watch them but instead to use them for their own eBay-auctions) is also gone. Much awardmasters note that in their criteria as a reason for disqualifying applys. OK - we don't blame anybody...remember: Our site shall be (even) more beautiful...and it's easier for evaluation teams to watch the sourcecode without using the menu ;o) !

20.02.2004 (Update)
Just 4 manufactured dolls are remaining. Working on the archive.

10.02.2004 (Monster-Update)
Our site shall be EVEN MORE beautiful...
therefor there's a lot of cosmetics. F.E. a new menu:

I am nothing but a tiny little button made in the 3D-program trueSpace and then finished with some photoshop master glowing tricks

Red roses are now soft-orange tea roses, backgrounds less colorful and and and. A new era starts: Because we believe we've done a good job we apply for several web awards, a little bit greenhorny as we know now... Our first doesn't let us wait too long so we have to work out the most honorable presentation:

Door to the Archive

The first Awardpage

At that time we don't know that there are big differences in awards - so we are very proud. More about that stuff in the related section.

03.02.2004 ("Downdate")
Down- and not an update because f.e. there's just 1 Heath doll left... But with huge steps news are on their way (Yes, dear audience, there's a lot of work rumbling in the background)...

10.01.2004 (Monster-Update)
Holidays just gone by the poor webmaster has to put 133 ex-members of Petra´s doll family into the new "Archive" (WHY DO I TREAT ME THIS WAY ???? Because it's fun!)


One of 13 books - the one of Petras ex-Scholz dolls

And because our visitors love that (see guestbook). New doll: Juanita-Anita. I'm going mad about the future: So many manufactured dolls leaving the house means a lot of work on the archive...but I don't mind, I'm a real cool cyber-artist (Thanx, Anne !)...

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