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06.12.2003 (Update)
Little Julia has been SOOOO alone - now with Hanna she's got a suitable playing-comrade.

01.12.2003 (Update and new URL)
Our provider causes problems: A lot of our "server neighbours" will loose their contracts for their private homepages on the 20th of January, 2004. It seems we have been forgotten - but who knows what may happen. Because our webspace is getting too small... and we try to avoid surprises... and I for centuries wanted to learn "how to program an URL refresh in the metatags" (HA !!!), we make a digital removal. The new adress: Lookie lookie - it WORKS:


New URL - Covergirl Simone by Vera Scholz

The old URL as on 08.03.2004 is still online - and who connects may honour "Angel" for 10 seconds before he/she is beamed on angel wings to our new site.
Besides - Savona joins our party.

15.11.03 (Update)
A fantastic discovery at the Eschwege Doll Festival: Ilse Spuijbroek's "Angel". What a doll! Paddy leaves for the States (Perhaps she's ashamed about our new order to the Broeksma Studio...). Also Heath gets less (Jerteh und Titi)...The purpose to reduce the manufactured section leads to the new chapter "Sale".

A new German law can punish us for links to pages / URL's that may publish contents that offend laws - EVEN if we've got no knowledge of any change of contents, we're not the author or publisher of the foreign URL and therefore not able to control or influence such contents - this is really a fine law, isn't it!?!. To make that clear: Neither Roelies nor Marias or others of our links will ever contain pornography or something like that. We don't mind - we install a "disclaimer". That may do (some lawyers are really stupid...).

28.10.2003 (Update)
Antii and Kira are away, Luisa-Beth and Svantje come instead. We have bought Svantje in Waltershausen, then she made a little round trip in the USA but has decided she loves it much better here (So sorry, Anne !).

20.09.2003 (Update)
Needless to say that a good mother takes a look after her kiddies: Maja Bill visits our guestbook! The house is also happy abour 3 (different) Annas at one time. Celine instead is a runaway. - It's interesting to compare the Scholz-porcelain-prototypes with their WPM vinyl pendants. They've done a good job at this manufacture! Also new: Wambach's Daisy.

10.08.2003 (Update)
Antti und Jucunda make the "Schweizergarde" stronger ("Daaaasch kommt noch guuut heraus, daaaasch!"). No no no folks - don't even think about me to translate that !

07.07.2004 (Update)
Others are on holidays...we keep for new kids on the block (Simone and Uneja). Not really...Irene now lives somewhere else.

01.06.2003 (Update)
Happy day for the "Scholz people" (We bought some porcelain prototypes from the Waltershäuser Puppenmanufaktur which had been used as the masterpieces for the production of world famous vinyl series), the "Lindner people" and the "Broeksma people" - Miss Zimmermann says good bye - and the guestbook is filled with applauding folks from overseas - and female gallerists.

05.05.2003 (Update)
Tamarah and Ulia are up-up-and-away - the little Kisslings come. They are really cute. And - female Dolls Artists (lets better say: their sons - here: Tobias Esche, son of the world famous Sabine) discover this site... (see guestbook)

20.04.2003 (Monster-Update)
We finally made it - all is finished (for the next few days), infos and tips-section, guestbook and adverts forum are ready. It's not our native tongue, but the whole site has now an English speaking sister application for our collector-friends overseas. The late Mr. Hinrichs, my English-teacher, would now weep as I'm so talented (Tom, keep on the carpet....)

Guestbook Page

04.03.2003 (START)
The site goes online at the webadress "" (in German language).

Start Page - Covergirl Janina by Elisabeth Lindner


Shown are 14 artist-, 10 manufactured (7 by Philip Heath) and 1 reproduction Doll. The menu is a little "colorful", but fully functionable, if you don't mind THIS gal...
Under construction...we still work in 3 construction areas :-) - that's the way it goes with new houses...
One thing is for sure: We never ever again will move into a new home if it's not finished!