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Friday, October 13th, 2017 (Actual Update)

No, No, don't worry: WE'RE STILL GOING STRONG - in old freshness (whatever this might mean)...
Since years within the Internet nearly everything moves away from the homepages to the social networks... and those are really more effective (and quicker!) in posting News. But... doesn't everything there seem to look quite similar - and without personality?!?

After all we're still proud on this homepage - and therefor it will go on here!
In the meantime we again have made wonderful voyages - and of course some changes have been taking place within the collection: Lelia and Lianna have left us.
Sometimes one-man's suffering is another-man's luck - so beside one preordered work the dissolving of a collection has brought a new Günzel - girl group to here:

girl group...

Congratulations to ourselves. Having a look? As usual - at the Artist Dolls.

June 10, 2016

In the German TV-Show "Germany's Next Top Model" all models just want only "THIS": to become the covergirl of the "Cosmopolitan"-magazine. The American rock band "Dr. Hook and the Medicine Show" instead always wanted to get "On the cover of the Rolling Stone" (They have been successful!). "Lianna" by Helena Oplakanska has made it successfully too: on the cover of a Netherlands dolls and bears magazine:


Congratulations! Well - as we in some way expected this before - this collection might be more important than each dolls magazine, isn't it? :-)

Same as here: Even in the Günzel-manufacture sometimes "accidents" may happen - so the artist-proof of Theresa has been burned in a darker porcelain color than planned. A case for the "waste bin"? Thank God - and Mrs. Günzel - not! The kiln worker has survived it without damages, the doll got a different suitable wig and the extraordinary tailor got green light for an alternative outfit... and - surprise surprise: In the Günzel-booth at the Münster Dolls Spring especially THIS item has made it to become the visitors highlight. Petra's Dollcollection has caught it quickly - and EVERYBODY's more than satisfied!

One must say that here's already a beautiful "lavender scene" (by Laura Scattolini), but Sabine Vogel's version is also marvellous and has found it's way from Münster into this collection.

What else to be seen there? Please take a look at the events section!

April 16, 2016

What some "artists" use to do with dolls - it's unbelievable! We have discovered a very very strange "dolls graveyard"! Look here:

Teguise (Lanzarote) - Don Pillimpos Museo Mara Mao
(Teguise (Lanzarote) - Don Pillimpos Museo Mara Mao - Webmaster Tom working on tryin' to understand "IT"...)

No no no, WE NEVER would do things like this. Instead - 4 new clean and unbroken dolls have moved into the cosy and friendly home of this collection:

The new faces 2016

Here they are (from left): "Lelia" by Hildegard Günzel, "Cinderella / Aschenputtel" by Eva Danker, "Lianna" by Helena Oplakanska and "Nina" by Michael Zajkov. More about it? You're welcome: At the artist dolls.

At the events a new link is added posting on a beautiful international exhibition in Amsterdam, that we have visited - and the next important event (Dolls Spring in Münster) is already knocking on the door...

June 22, 2015

By the way - has anybody already noticed that Mrs. Günzel's MOST IMPORTANT works, namely the artist proofs, limited editions and so on, more and more find their way up to here, Northern Germany? No? Let's say we really have an extraordinarily good taste up here...
Seriously: the next extremely beautiful artist proof has arrived in the collection: Fabienne. (WHAT kind of a hair color!)

May 20, 2015

Dear Mrs. Günzel,
thank you again for the super tip to make holidays in Sintra, Portugal, and visit the fantastic gardens and palaces. We've made it (That was well worth doin' it) - and it has been huge work to carry Your 1,05 mtr-10 kilo- 'Sheherazade' up the hill into the Monserrate Palace The one who believes is sacred:

Sheherazade in the Monserrate Palace

Best wishes
Petra and Tom

Now we can also unhide the best-kept Günzel-secret (look at May 2014!):'Perpetua'. She is stunning!
Also new at the Artist Dolls: Gisela Scheper's 'Martina', Françoise Filaci's 'Madelyne' und Sabine Vogel's 'Look here... Pirate!'.

But that's not all:
For ALL dolls in the collection there are now bigger pictures provided - Petra's photo series about dolls (exhibitions +) at Flickr are now linked on the events page - and on all pages this years's roses have grown extraordinary (they look even MORE beautiful). Again there are lots to discover (More than 350 new files!!! Sigh!!! - The Webmaster). Enjoy your stay!

14th of October, 2014

You might say there's nothing more beautiful than all those little faeries at the "Faerie Festival" in the welsh Llangollen... (Gosh - that was stunning!) but the new Scholz' Merle can easily hold that level! Look at: Artist Dolls!

6th of July, 2014

Again it has been decided to make room for "Newbies" - so with the last still remaining elf "Aura" the whole chapter "fantasy creatures" has floated away... sorry, but "what must be - must be!"
But instead even two "Re-Discovers" are the newest incomers at the artists dolls: "Laura" by Dagmar Schmitz, already admired by us at the Eschwege 1999 Dolls Fair, and the little "Snow White" by Ingid Winter (who has re-animated her exqusite dollmaking at last - Hurray! Strinkin' up the band...). And we also are strongly awaitig her doll "Le Lis", from whom until now we only got an idea while watching several doll art picture books, and who (with our prayers and through the handicraft of Ingrid Winter) has hopefully been growing new arms and legs in the meantime. More about it soon.

The second of Mai, 2014

Sometimes you need a little breath of fresh air, us too. So we have made an adventurous trip to the Eolic Isles near Sicily. How does it look like over there? Like this:

View on Vulcano, from Lipari

That was great!!!
New at the artist dolls is Gisela Scheper's awarded Valerie.
Günzel's Stephana (and the "just short-visiting" Gwendolin) had to make space for another wonderful dolls dream - and there is a contract not to give any information about it to the public until the end of this year (!!!), which we will strictly keep to (with a weeping and a laughing eye).

December 15, 2013

An unexpected death within the family has kept us offline for some time.
Time to be sad - and bring things and thinking in a new order. Time to say "farewell" - and start up with new things.

For the web presentation this means to say "farewell" to the long-time closed Award programme, the "Frozen Angel Award", which is now offline. The hereby saved free webspace will surely be very well used for new dolls (see below!).

A free place within the collection had been gained: Dreaming Dolls' "Judy" had left for the happiness of another collector...but that was just for a very short time because instead there's a stunning incomer:
"Amélie-Sophie"'s "amazing sister Stephanie" by Jeanne Gross has arrived !!!:


More about it at the artist dolls!
We also have had the possibility for a short voyage to the wonderful Prague to visit the international exhibition "Dolls Prague" - and by the way meet & greet Laura Scattolini! Both has been worth doing it - for pictures please take a look HERE!

For all friends and visitors we are wishing a merry Xmas and a healthy New Year! See ya!

November 8, 2013

It always belongs to the mostly stunning moments in life - (newly) to fall in love:

Love - Love - Love...

As easily to been seen this has happened at this-years-booth of Vera Scholz in Eschwege! Well, she really has/had a mindblowing glance, that beautiful "Hanna" - and soon she has been adopted! And by the way we are very happy about Vera Scholz' "comeback" within the "dolls scene".

1st of November, 2013

Friend Anne in the USA has a (nice) "spleen": While collecting Scholz-dolls she always prefers those whose name starts with an "A" or "Ann". Strange, ey? Now our Anna has been the successful target. (No, she never will get Anna-Lena!!!)
It seems that the BJD Edria has been mad about that ultra-sweet nougat-chocolade from Belgium, perhaps that's why she has emigrated to that country.
Gerda has got new pictures - and of course there are also new pics of the actual Günzel-Incomer:
This time it's even a "One of a kind" - and like that has to be expected "Sheherazade" is a dark-haired beauty with grace and elegance.

Friday 13 (!!!) of September, 2013

The newest Günzel-doll in the collection is BIG again. And within it's kind Charlotte is really very special - formerly she had been a bust! In some mysterious ways she has grown a body, arms and legs and now she poses in her extraordinary beauty on Günzel page 3!

Scholz's Anna-Lena had been on "Au-Pair" upstairs; filled with marvellous impressions and in a new outfit she now returns from this man-household (Scholz page 2!). Because she also has been newly photographed the others go beserk... Well ok, Svantje now has new pics too (Scholz page 1!).

Also for "Au-pair" the BJDs Vivien, Haley and Saiph have gone upstairs. Let's see, how THESE make their way with their new Daddy. And Stella has even left the country...

August 27, 2013

There had been some kind of an unwritten law within this collection (until today):
1) Günzel-dolls are BIG!
2) Günzel-dolls are very (!!!) HEAVY!
Well - not always. Stephana, the newest Incomer, isn't - that might perhaps be the reason why she's SOOO cute... (>>> Günzel page 3!).

August 16, 2013

Are there more butterflies in England than here? This is maybe what Dolltown's Susie has been believing - or maybe she's just an extreme Beatles-Fan - because she has moved into Ringo Starr's former Country Mansion in Surrey and there she's now making the garden unsecure (for butterflies). Well then: Happy hunting!

3rd of August, 2013

Awaiting a parcel with a "wax over porcelain" - doll by Günzel is perhaps one of the last left adventures on earth, according to the actual temperatures of about 35 degrees Celsius (!!!): You never know what comes out of the box. In the case of "Amarendel", who now has also joined the collection, there has been a Happy End. But these "painted over wax" - eyebrows have been really VERY weak... VERY VERY weak. Takin' a look? Günzel page 3!

June 26, 2013

If ever there comes the possibility to pick up a "limited to 3 pieces - Günzel", you should have cracked a lottery jackpot before - or you have to sacrifice some other important items instead. This means: For the beautiful "Vanity" the "porcelain-Himmies" had to leave... but it has been well worth doin' it (Günzel page 2!)!
Sometimes BJD-Heads suit very well on Bodies of other manufacturers. You can see how good this works on "Haley" (now in the archive!)...
No reason to be afraid - we do things like that just with dolls...

3rd of June, 2013

We have supposed it for a long time: Dolls secretly listen to music when we're not at home. And then esp. to songs that might influence them to ridiculous thoughts. "Learning to fly" by Tom Petty. Or "Blowin' in the wind" by Bod Dylan. Or even "Fly away" by Lenny Kravitz ... we think all those winged (!!!) Fairies have done things like that. And now they're blown away - all of them. No, not completely - they've been "landing" in the Archive.

May 20, 2013

Another good reason to have a lot of fun with BJDs, is this one: You can purchase them without the so-called "face-up" - and after a little practise grab and use colors and "Mr. Superclear" by yourself - like is has been done with the now finished "Zaoll Luv" on BJD's page 5!

But the artist dolls are not left behind over here - unfortunately you'll have to wait for a very long time on some possibilities like this: A collector is just selling her collection - and so we're now able to shout a heartily welcome to the long-years-wish "Eleanor" by the Clarks and also to two absolutely cute "Balett Rats" by Gisela Scheper!

1st of May, 2013

For those who still havn't understood what's very cool (beside other possibilities) with those mysterious ball jointed dolls:

Lumedoll - Keid Ara

Try to pose a classical cloth-body doll as easily and relaxed like THIS. Doesn't work? That's it, indeed. Admire Keid Ara on BJD's page 2!

April 24, 2013

Now look - it really works! And here they are, freshly "faceup-ed":

Soom - Saiph - RS Doll - Stella

April 17, 2013

We're still weak from this bread and water - so we nearly have missed this:

Time for a big "strikin' up the band", becaus: Petra's dollcollection is now 10 years online!!! That is nearly hard to believe!

THANK YOU to all of the more than 38.000 (!!!) international visitors, esp. to those who have drooped us some lines in our guest book, and also for those lots of wonderful Awards the site has recieved! A toast on the next 10 years!

After this very long and strong winter now there's enought light for "Face-Ups" - and this year we're planning to visit the exhibition in Prague - so on the site there will surely be interesting news to be watched at in the future. See ya!

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