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Doll clothes - mouldy smell - what to do?

In some cases it might seem to be dangerous to wash doll clothes, because colors might wash off...or it seems to be difficult to iron the pieces like they have been before... If clothes are not really dirty, there is an incredible stuff that really helps: „Febreze“! (I don't know, if you can get it everywhere...maybe I can help...)
Just spray it on, leave the clothes hang free for about 2 days, wonderful (a real "smokefree" experience)!

Washing hair - what could happen?

If a wig is not made from human hair I would refuse to wash it. Nobody knows, if you afterwards can comb the hair easily - or you'll produce a huge ball of "handknotted wire spaghetti" instead...
If it's real human hair you may take a mild children's shampoo. Be careful just to press the hair a little bit while drying - do NOT AT ALL wring (or hay-toss) it, the base of the wig might be destroyed while doing so....
If the wig has curls and you're not sure, if they are natural or chemical treated permanent locks (you risk to flatten the curls completely !), here's the advice to take just a small tuft from the backhead, make it wet, comb slightly through it and watch what happens. If after a while the curls turn up again, you can be sure that nothing (or not much) evil will happen.

Porcelain-Originals - where to buy?

Sometimes Originals are offered in special magazines. In the case of interesting stuff I always would first contact the dealer for a visiting date, because mostly you havn't seen the Original in nature. As described in the artist dolls section they often vary very much and so a standard photography is not always a good reference how that doll looks in reality. Scratches on surfaces, unprofessional glued wigs, worn-out rubber fixings of arms, legs, the head and so on...a lot of things to control before buying. Good reasons to be too shy to sent huge amounts of bucks in advance...
Galleries often have a big spectrum in stock and so you as the collector may get a good overview there.
A good idea to explore esp. new artists...or those who are very talented but not much present on the market yet. If you pay special interest in one artist, the best advice is always to look for a direct contact. You'll get personal knowledge and feeling about the artist, on a visit you often can see a wide range of her/his work (No gallery is able to offer the same) and sometimes even special wishes might be satisfied. And - by the way - it is fun! Last not least I wouldn't buy from an artist that I experience as somebody I don't like at all.

Digital pictures printed on photographic paper

Even if digital pictures look best on screen - sometimes you'll need them on paper to show around or whatever.
The following german distributor is very quick, makes good results for fair prizes and delivers directly to your home:

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