Tom and me - a good Team

Just to answer some related questions - here are some words about Tom, my webmaster:
A female dolls collector can call herself happy if her friend and/or partner not only understands her expensive hobby but takes part in it - and it is very fine if he has got the same knowledge about the whole stuff.

I've got this luck: Tom indeed has his own dolls collection, and because we sometimes have got a different taste the collection in his flat is quite different from my own (For all "specialists": he's mad about and also has dolls made by the couple that lives in the U.S.: Zofia and Henry Zawieruszynski)
He's also mad about joining me to each event and he's well known inside the dolls scene because he had been formerly working as the web- and print-designer for several German female dolls artists.

This homepage is our both hobby and so mostly we work out new installations together. Tom has studied fine arts / classical painting many years ago and successfully has been working as an international artist. Private reasons made it necessary to give up that job - and if somebody would ask him why he didn't make his other hobby to his profession (he is also a leadsinger of a rock band since more than 35 years), he would grin and answer: "because Little Feat never made it up into the charts but Mr. Bohlen (Modern Talking...) did - that's why."
So he has self-teachingly learned HTML (and everything related) to develop new possibilities.
I would be crazy, with such a knowledge, not letting him do the design and programming of this Site... but it's logic that through our teamwork I also have learned to know how things work out fine ;o)
Mentioning all the changes of this site it's also logic that we separate parts of this work - otherwise we wouldn't have enough time for things that also make fun in life !

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