Sometimes I have been asked if I couldn´t show how my dolls are presented. My dolls "live" with me and are not imprisoned in display-cases.

So, here´s a quick view inside my dollhouse and some of the arrangements I would love to show to my visitors:

Puppe von / Doll by Maja Bill

Puppe von /Doll by Angela+Steve Clark

Puppen von / Dolls by Jeanne Gross

Puppen von / Dolls by Hildegard Günzel

Puppe von / Doll by Hildegard Günzel

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Puppen von / Dolls by Laura Scattolini

Puppe von / Doll by Gisela Scheper

Puppe von / Doll by Dagmar Schmitz

Puppen von / Dolls by Vera Scholz + Maja Bill

Puppe von / Doll by Jamie Williamson

That´s it, the virtual ramble within my collection.
It would be my pleasure if you enjoyed staying in my "exhibition" :-)

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