"Some dolls are permanent residentals...
and others are here just for a visit !"

Leane in Eschwege

That brings it to the point...and LOTS were here for a visit.
A "living" collection will grow and stay interesting with changes. Financing new dollies, solving place-problems or the changing of the own taste: Sometimes I'll have to part with some pieces of the collection. - even if it might be hard to realize that.
To avoid my former dolls to be forgotten, they are shown in this chapter.

A lot of people love to look into old photography albums - so do I. In the 11 albums of the archive you can visit all the dolls that once did belong to my collection - and it's clear that you'll also find there all their related informations.
Just rummage around the shelf and take a little time - there are more than 170 dolls and if you collect dolls for yourself I'm sure you will find faces there you might remember well...

You can also instead lean back in your easy-chair and watch "automatic slideshows" with some of my formerly dolls (of 4 famous doll artists) - just as you like.

Please make your selection in the left menu. Have fun !